What I Believe

Below are my “What I Believe” statements.  In these statements I also am sharing with you my values, thus making this a Statement of My Values. I hope these can provide the citizens of Missouri with a sufficient understanding of who I am and what I believe in to allow you to make an informed decision about whether I should represent you in the U.S. Senate. 

  1. America is a great Country, a Country worth fighting and, if required, dying for. 
  2. America’s excellence comes from its strong middle-class citizens.
  3. America’s weaknesses emanate from its failing elitist class, a class which includes the Washington establishment, corporate media, and non-STEM academia.
  4. America has been on a slow drift away from the democratic/enlightenment principles upon which it was founded, and which have been the source of American excellence. 
  5. By applying market segmentation strategies to the reporting of news, the corporate media have become the primary contributors to the atomization and polarization of the American people. 
  6. Corporate media and non-STEM academia are the primary sources of racial and ethnic tensions/unrest in American today.
  7. The transfer of legislative power and authority to the executive branch is a threat to the preservation of representative government.
  8. The seizure of power from both the federal and state legislatures by the federal judiciary is a threat to representative government. 
  9. America’s fiscal policy is at best reckless, and at worst destructive of America’s long-term wealth and independence. 
  10. The federal government should focus on reforming and improving government itself rather that changing and/or replacing the citizens. 
  11. I will represent three constituents as your Senator:  a) prior generations of Missourians who built this State and Nation, b) living Missourians legally able to vote, and c) Missourians who are not yet able to vote or are yet to be born. 
  12. Despite their flaws, prior generations of Americans produced the most culturally, ethnically, and racially diverse culture that exists in the world today. 


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