Provided below are a list of issues which Bullet believes are key to reforming Washington D.C., along with his views on these issues.  They again are designed to provide the Missouri voter with a sense of how he will represent you as your senator.  Please review this list below.

  • Reform of the federal government

    The Federal Government should focus on reforming the Federal Government and not on changing or replacing the American citizen.

  • Loss of democratic values in Washington D.C.

    The Federal Government’s slow drift away from the democratic values upon which the Nation was founded is a threat to the liberty of all American citizens.

  • State Legislature's influence over the Federal Government

    Once elected, Bullet will present himself regularly to the Missouri Legislature for parliamentary style “Questions” sessions to allow the citizens of Missouri and their State Representatives greater influence over their senator and their Federal Government.

  • Funding of the police

    Bullet will fully fund our police, while insisting that all police recognize, respect, and protect the rights of all citizens.

  • Immigration Policy #1

    U.S. immigration policy should be structured to benefit American citizens, not immigrants or the political interests of any party or interest group.

  • immigration Policy #2

    Bullet will support all efforts to ensure we have an orderly, disciplined, and measured immigration system.

  • immigration Policy #3

    The breaking of immigration laws to enter the Country illegally, or the willful failure to enforce immigration law by public officials, should not be rewarded in any way by U.S. lawmakers.

  • Immigrant rights

    Once accepted into the legal immigration system, the natural rights of immigrants should be respected and protected, but not the full rights and privileges associated with citizenship. Once earning citizenship, legal immigrants will possess all the rights and privileges possessed by all U.S. citizens.

  • Parental rights in education

    Parents should have both control of and authority over what is taught in public schools.

  • Federal funding of education #1

    Federal funding for education should follow the student to whatever accredited school the student attends.

  • Federal funding of education #2

    Federal funding of education should incentivize students to attend smaller, more efficient schools with high academic standards and performance.

  • Information rights

    American citizens should have a “property right” and a "privacy right" over any information they provide either directly, or indirectly, on any public or open network.

  • Section 230 abuses

    Any corporation which benefits from special legal status or protections should not prohibit, restrict, or provide commentary on the exercise of any citizen’s rights.

  • Reckless and destructive fiscal and monetary policy

    The Federal Government’s fiscal and monetary policies are reckless at best, destructive at worst, and are a threat to the wealth and happiness of current and future generations of American citizens.

  • Transfer of legislative power away from the legislative branch

    The U.S. Congress’ transfer of legislative authority to the President, Judiciary, and administrative state undermine our core democratic values, that government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed.

  • Presidential Abuse of Executive Orders

    Presidential use of executive orders either in lieu of legislative authority, or which go beyond the authorities granted the Executive by the Constitution, must be checked by the Legislature.

  • Recovery of Congress’ Constitutional role

    Congress must recover from the President, Judiciary, and administrative state the powers it has allowed those branches to expropriate.

  • Judicial Activism

    The willingness, or even eagerness, of judges to create law rather than to decide issues resulting from disputes over existing law, must be addressed by the U.S. Senate.

  • The Administrative State’s power over the citizen

    The administrative state’s ability to make rules which impact the rights, liberties, and welfare of American citizens without specific authority from the Legislature to do so must be ended.

  • The corrupting influence of money in politics

    Bullet will conduct a “low-cost campaign” to reduce the influence of special interests in Missouri politics.

  • Poor behavior and low standards by the political class

    Bullet will not run a “low-class campaign” that besmirches the name of any other candidate for public office.

  • Representing all Missourians

    Bullet will represent three constituencies as your senator, present day Missourians, future Missourians, and past Americans.

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