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Providing an open and honest approach to representing the citizens of Missouri, Robert "Bullet" Allen will be your voice of reform in the United States Senate.

About Robert "Bullet" Allen

Robert “Bullet” Allen was born in Peoria, IL in April 1961. He became a pilot at the age of 16 and a commercial pilot at 18.  He joined the Navy in 1984 where he flew F-14 aircraft operationally for 14 years before transitioning to the Air Force Reserve/Air National Guard in 2000 where he flew the F-16 on two combat tours. After commanding an F-16 squadron, Lt Col Allen retired from active military service in 2012.  Robert now flies for a large commercial air carrier where he serves as a Flight Qualified Supervisor and check airman.  Robert has also started two businesses, one recently sold, and another still operating in the health care sector.  Robert is a graduate of the Navy’s Fighter Weapon School (TOPGUN), U.S. Navy Test Pilot School, USAF Air Command and Staff College and Air War College.  He has a Bachelor of Science degree in aviation, Master’s degree in business administration and science, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree.  Click the link below for a detailed military history and resume for your review. 

Bullet going flying in a Mirage 2000 in France.

my values and writings

Fundamental Rules of Government

Bullet began recording his observations on how government functions while serving as a Test Pilot. See all of his Fundamental Rules by clicking on the Viper jet link above.

My Values Statements
"I Believe"

Bullet has provided Missouri voters with those things he believes in to help you determine whether he can adequately represent you. See this list of his values by clicking on the Viper jet link above.

My Platform

Bullet has provided Missouri voters his "Agenda for Reform" via a platform statement. See his full platform by clicking on the Viper jet link above.



The mission of this campaign is not to change the people of Missouri, but to reform the Federal government. Robert believes there has been a slow drift in the Federal government away from the Nation’s foundational values, values as defined in the Declaration of Independence, and that this drift has greatly accelerated in recent years.  His primary goal is to establish “discipline” in the Federal government, a discipline that not only arrests this slow drift but reverses it, while also establishing discipline in the government’s fiscal and monetary policy. 

Bullet conducting Carrier Suitability testing in the F-14D

Join as Volunteer

Join our team as our campaign breaks ground and we gain momentum. We are looking ahead to November with determination and confidence that our message will resonate with the Missouri people.
Robert in the right seat of an MD80.

running the first ever "Low cost campaign"

Citizens of Missouri, I believe the most important aspect of earning your trust and serving you in the U.S. Senate is not raising money but presenting ideas on how to preserve your freedoms. However, if you agree that the Federal government is in need of reform and want to help others hear this message than please consider donating to this effort.  Your support is greatly appreciated.   


Who DAT Bullet?

Who is this person seeking to represent you in the U.S. Senate?  See what others who know and have worked with “Bullet” have to say about him.  

The 170FS on deployment to Al Jaber Air Base. Bullet is 7th from the left.

Robert Allen has my strongest support. I have flown with Bullet in 2 US Navy fighter squadrons, and he is my true friend of nearly 35 years. He has the wisdom, temperament, intelligence, and — above all — the impeccable character to represent Missouri in the US Senate and do so both effectively and with honor. I would trust him with my family and fortune (such that it is!). One can offer no higher endorsement.

Stephen “Morty” Mooradian

Fighter pilot friend & commerical pilot. Expert in scoring "rocks kills"!

Robert is a consummate professional, a loyal friend and one of the smartest individuals I’ve met.  He's also a hardworking, well rounded, and honest trustworthy person.  He's the type of person that gets involved to improve things versus sitting back and complaining.  He also works well under pressure and doesn't let any challenges stop him from achieving his goals.  Lastly, Robert is also a proud military veteran, and he thoroughly enjoyed his time serving his country. 

I wholeheartedly recommend Robert.  I'm sure once you get to know him, you will understand how driven he is to make this world a better, safer, and more prosperous place for all.

George Pabon

Friend & colleague. 757/767 systems expert extraordinaire.

Since serving together in a Navy fighter squadron over twenty years ago, Robert has remained a close personal friend.  He holds strong constitutional conservative convictions and clearly recognizes the influences that Congressional abdication has had on our rapidly growing and inefficient federal bureaucracy. Missourians can count on Robert’s exceptional leadership abilities and impeccable integrity to move America’s trajectory in a more positive direction.

Pete "SKIDS" Matthews

Friend, & fighter RIO extraordinaire. TOPGUN Instructor.

Dr. Robert Allen is an American patriot, former Navy and Air Force fighter pilot, test pilot and businessman. He was a highly successful Naval Aviator graduating with distinction from both the Naval Fighter Weapons School (TopGun) and Naval Test Pilot school. He had over 350 successful landings on aircraft carriers at sea. Midway through his career he transitioned to the United States Air Force flying the F-16 Falcon and other tactical jests. He was commanding officer of the 170 Tactical Fighter Squadron. 

He possesses the knowledge, moral character, and leadership skills to be a highly effective Senator during one of the most trying times in our nation’s history.

Dr. Robert "DOC" Darling

Fighter Doc Extraordinaire and Friend


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